Decorating with Pumpkins and Gourds

Creating centerpieces for your table doesn’t always have to include flowers. I made this cute and festive centerpiece for a Thanksgiving dinner one year that didn’t require any flowers! I simply placed a 4 x 8″ pillar candle on a large glass dish. Then I spread a layer of fake acorns around the candle, and finished it with mini ornamental pumpkins and gourds. This centerpiece would look beautiful on your dinner table surrounded by votive candles, but it could also be placed on your coffee table or sideboard. The best part about using these decorative items is they last FOREVER. We kept this centerpiece for almost two months! Continue reading

Lime Centerpieces

Decorating with citrus fruits is super easy and makes any centerpiece look extra special. One way to save money is to use what’s on sale. I decided to make this fun and bright centerpiece for a dinner party last spring because limes were a bargain at the grocery store (10 for $1!). But you could use lemons or oranges if they’re on sale at the time. Just choose flowers that go well with the colors. Continue reading