Vietnamese Chicken Ragu

vietnamese chicken ragu
Although nothing about Vietnamese Chicken Ragu screams Vietnamese, it remains one of our most beloved dishes. Clearly, it is a culinary delight left behind by the French from the old colonial days. Perfect on a cold winter’s day, or any day for that matter, this stew-like dish is traditionally eaten with freshly baked, crusty French bread. I simply love dipping the bread into the savory broth!

After years of watching my mother and grandmother make this dish, I have perfected the recipe by combining their techniques with a few of my own :-). I prefer to use a combination of chicken drumsticks and thighs because they are my favorite; however, you could use any combination of chicken parts you prefer. I hope you give this recipe a try soon!

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Not Your Typical Carrot Salad

How many times have you eaten carrot salad and thought to yourself, “Ehh, nothing special” or “Yup, tastes like plain carrots to me?” Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about plain carrots. They are naturally sweet and extremely high in nutrition. Every now and then, however, I think we could all use a carrot salad make-over. This recipe is the perfect solution! Not only is it quick and easy to make (15 minutes), it’s also packed with amazing flavors. The cumin, fresh lemon juice and parsley add the perfect balance of smoky, citrusy and fresh flavors. What’s also great about this salad is you could make it ahead of time since it could be served cold or at room temperature.

Because the carrot salad is flavor intense, I would recommend pairing it with a simple main dish such as steak or chicken. The flavors in your main and side dishes should not compete against each other, but rather complement each other. I served this salad with a simple grilled steak and it was absolutely delicious! Continue reading