Lemon Garlic Green Beans

lemon garlic green beans
I’m turning up the flavor on a classic side dish with this easy recipe! The fresh lemon zest and juice add such a nice citrus brightness to the dish, while just a pinch of red pepper flakes gives a kick to your taste buds. You can use green beans or haricot vert (French green beans) for this dish. I prefer the latter because they are more tender and have a slightly more complex flavor. Either way, this would be a great side dish to serve with roasted chicken, grilled steak or fish. You can also cut down on preparation time by getting ready-to-use packages (washed and trimmed). Enjoy! Continue reading

Charred Tomatoes with Fried Eggs on Garlic Toast

I first came across this recipe in June this year. It immediately reminded me of being in a country farmhouse somewhere out west. Crunchy rustic bread with a slight hint of garlic, sweet, bright red tomatoes, and country farm eggs with deep golden yolks. Well, the closest to country farmhouse I could get to was the Alps! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to make this breakfast dish during our stay in Austria over the summer. It takes a little more effort than simply frying some eggs and toasting bread, but boy is it worth it! The charred tomatoes and garlic add so much flavor to the dish that you won’t ever want to have your eggs any other way!  Continue reading

Garlic Bread

garlic bread

Michael’s favorite side dish is garlic bread. I don’t know how a German ended up loving garlic bread so much, but I guess who wouldn’t find a warm and crunchy piece of baguette topped with garlic, melted butter and parsley irresistible?! The wonderful aroma that fills your kitchen will make the 8 minutes of baking time seem like an eternity! Just to make myself feel less guilty about eating bread and butter, I like to serve this with a big bowl of salad for dinner. 😉   Continue reading

Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken

I have fallen in love with this recipe. If you are tired of eating dry and bland baked chicken, you will fall in love with this recipe too! You would never think that making such moist, succulent, and flavorful chicken could be this easy. Anyone who knows me will tell you I greatly dislike chicken breasts; however, with this amazing recipe, I will throw down chicken breasts in a heartbeat!

The original recipe is from one of my favorite chefs, Ina Garten. Although I loved the original recipe, I made a few tweaks to reflect my own preferences. I opted to use fresh herbs instead of dried since I have them readily available from my mini-garden. I also added red pepper flakes because Michael and I love our food on the spicy side. Most importantly, though, I used bone-in chicken breasts because the meat comes out much more moist. The bone adds so much more flavor to the chicken while roasting as well. I also used chicken drumsticks in my recipe because I personally like them. You can feel free to use more chicken breasts, or chicken thighs instead.

So the next time you’re planning on making chicken breasts again for dinner, give this recipe a try! I promise they’ll stop responding with, “chicken again?” 😉 Continue reading