Lemon Garlic Green Beans

lemon garlic green beans
I’m turning up the flavor on a classic side dish with this easy recipe! The fresh lemon zest and juice add such a nice citrus brightness to the dish, while just a pinch of red pepper flakes gives a kick to your taste buds. You can use green beans or haricot vert (French green beans) for this dish. I prefer the latter because they are more tender and have a slightly more complex flavor. Either way, this would be a great side dish to serve with roasted chicken, grilled steak or fish. You can also cut down on preparation time by getting ready-to-use packages (washed and trimmed). Enjoy! Continue reading

Sauteed Swiss Chard

Getting tired of the same leafy greens for dinner night after night? Spice up your side dish with a little swiss chard! Not only are they pretty to look at with their vibrant red, orange, and yellow stems, but they’re SO delicious as well. They are so quick and easy to cook up any night for dinner. I love to make sauteed swiss chard because it’s a nice change to spinach, but has similar health benefits. Swiss chard is full of iron, calcium, fiber, and vitamins A and C.

I’ve tailored this recipe so it’s healthy, quick, and simple yet still flavorful; however, you can tweak it any which way to fit your own preferences. For example, omit or add more red pepper flakes to control the level of spiciness, add sliced bacon for a smoky, buttery flavor, or add a splash of vinegar to make your greens a bit on the tart side. Oh, the places you’ll go with these greens! Continue reading