Black Bean, Corn and Tomato Salad

black bean corn tomato salad
This bean, corn and tomato salad has become one of my favorite side dishes to serve because it is such a great complement to many dishes and is so incredibly fast and easy to prepare! I’ve served it with eggs for a Southwest inspired breakfast, steak fajitas for a Mexican inspired dinner, or as a simple and healthy salad for lunch. The black beans add tons of nutrients and fiber to your daily diet. Since the spices and fresh lime juice add a burst of flavor to the salad, you won’t miss the fact that there is very little oil in the dressing. The hot sauce (optional) also adds a nice kick to the dish. The salad also makes for a fabulous presentation on any dinner table with all its vibrant colors!  Continue reading

Chicken Enchiladas

I love Mexican food; unfortunately, my waistline doesn’t! I don’t think traditional Mexican food is necessarily high in calories or fat, but rather the way restaurants prepare it nowadays. They load the dishes up with tons of cheese and sour cream, and who knows how much oil was used in the kitchen. Hence, I tend to make a lot of Mexican inspired dishes at home so I can control the quality and quantity of ingredients.

I got the idea for this easy chicken enchilada recipe from Rachael Ray. I love how she always manages to keep her ingredients list to a minimum while making sure the dish doesn’t take you hours to prepare. I made a few tweaks to her recipe, however, to cut down on the calorie and carb level. I also added time to let the meat marinate so that it’s juicier and more flavorful. I made my chicken enchiladas with a red tomato sauce, but you could also use my recipe for a green tomatillo sauce! Continue reading

Turkey Tacos

Growing up, I ate Vietnamese food for dinner almost every night. A typical dinner consisted of rice, one meat or fish, one vegetable, and one soup dish. The occasional “American” dinner night, however, was a special treat for all of us. It meant, “thank lord, the weekend is finally here!” For those special nights, my mother would usually make dishes such as spaghetti or tacos. I remember helping her with all the taco toppings: lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and cheese. What I remember most, though, was the Old El Paso Taco Kit. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about – that yellow rectangular box filled with everything you need to make tacos at home! From taco shells to the salsa packet, this kit was a little box of magic to me. :) Continue reading